Thursday 16 August 2018

Junior Chess Tournament

There is a Junior Chess Tournament being held in Coventry all Under 18's welcome

Full details are: -

Coventry Chess Club
1st Junior Open Rapidplay

Sunday 23rd  September 2018
Massey Ferguson Social Club
Broad Lane
Coventry CV5 7NL

An ECF graded event
Open and Under 120 sections

Entry fee
Entries on the day £5 will be accepted at the organisers’ discretion

Players must be under 18 on 31st August 2018

ECF Membership
The tournament is open to players who are Junior ECF Silver, Gold or Platinum members. If your membership expires on 31st August 2018 you will need to renew it see details on the ECF website
New players can apply for free junior membership on the English Chess Federation website

Parental Responsibility
Parents or guardians must be present and remain responsible for their children during the tournament.

Time Control        All moves in 15 minutes plus 10 second increment per move.

Round1  11:00 – 11:50 Round 2    12:00 – 12:50
Round 3    13:10 -  14:00 Round 4    14:20 -  15:10
Round 5    15:20 -  16:00

Medals will be awarded for the following scores :--
Gold 4½ or 5  Silver 3½ or 4 Bronze 2½ or 3.
All players who participate in the final round will be awarded a certificate of participation.                    
Entry Form
Postal Entries send to:
Ed Goodwin, 1 Conway Avenue, Coventry CV4 9JA
Cheques payable to “Coventry Chess Club”

Email entry
Send entry details to and pay by bank transfer to
09-01-32 93082588 (payer reference the player’s name)

Junior’s Details

ECF Membership Num. (12345):                                                                       
ECF Grading Reference (6 digits, followed by 1 letter):                                                                              
ECF Rapidplay Grade (July 2018):                                                                        
(If no grading reference or rapidplay grade you can still enter please give details of playing strength)
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy):(required for all players)                           /                       /                      
Section Entered (please tick)    120 or over __  119 or under __

Parent/Guardian’s Details
E-mail address                                                                                                       

Postal Address                                                                                                                                           
Entry Fee     (£3 or £5 for entry on the day)  £