Monday 3 August 2020


I hope I find you all as well as can be expected at this time.  Our thoughts are still focused on the pandemic and everything must be done to ensure that everyone is safe and as comfortable as possible when the time comes for more social interaction to take place.

Although not much seems to be happening on the local chess scene, the Management Committee of the Coventry & District Chess League have continued to meet on Zoom approximately once a month.

Our conclusion at present is that there is no immediate prospect of a return to over-the-board competitive chess in the near future and that this may well be the case at least up until the end of this year. Consequently our normal competitive season which starts at the end of September will be delayed.  Our congress which is scheduled for 6th December is still in the calendar but is increasingly unlikely to take place. Our AGM date has also come and gone so this too is postponed until such time as we are able to meet together.

However, if our season is delayed there may still be the prospect of chess in the first half of 2021.  This of course is dependent upon circumstances and how league members feel about a return to chess, but when the time comes your club and league organisers will be in a position to respond.

Nevertheless internet chess is an alternative. This form of chess is not to everyone's taste. You do of course need a computer and there are always issues over the time limit.  It may be either too fast or too slow.

With this in mind the League has established a trial online league. It will take place on Tuesdays starting from 4th August and run for 5 weeks.  All of the Coventry League clubs are involved and if you have not yet signed up to take part your club organisers will be very pleased to hear from you.  Hopefully this will be a success and consequently

If you have any thoughts about this or any other matters regarding chess in the Coventry & District Chess League I would be very pleased to hear form you.  Alternatively you could contact your club organiser(s) directly.

Best wishes,
Colin Green.
Chairman, Coventry & District Chess League.