Monday 8 November 2021

CDCL Christmas Rapidplay - General Information


ENTRY INFORMATION FOR PLAYERSTuesday 7th December 2021VENUEMassey Ferguson Social Club            
Round 1 starts 8pm.Players advised to be present by 7:40pm.Players not present by 7:55pm could be given zero points in Round 1.TIME LIMITEach player will have 10 minutes for all moves.CLOCKSDigital clocks may or may not be available.  It is expected that analogue clocks will be provided but if you wish to be sure to use a digital clock you will need to provide your own.  If a digital clock is provided it will be used by default.VENUEAs the room at Massey is used until 7:30pm on a Tuesday and we wish to start by 8pm could everyone who arrives early lend a hand to help with tables/chairs and setting up chess boards.Also at the end of the event please help pack away.  Many hands make light work.TIMESRound 1    8pmRound 2    8:30pmRound 3    9pmRound 4    9:30pmRound 5    10pm.It might well be possible to save some time here and therefore finish before 10:20pm.ENTRIESTo be sent to Colin Green, IN ADVANCE of the event so that the administration can be done prior to the day of play.  THERE WILL BE NO LATE ENTRIES OR ENTRIES ON THE DAY.Last date and time for entries 8pm on Sunday 5th December 2021.ENTRY REQUIREMENTSYour name, club, grade.  Please use your full name.  Ideally as displayed on the ECF grading database.GRADESSeptember 2021 ECF Rapidplay grades to be used.  If no Rapidplay grade is available then ECF Standard grades for September 2021 will be used.Ungraded players to be given a shadow grade by their club organiser.   This is to be provided at the time of entry.RULES1    Move the pieces with one hand only.2    Move the pieces and press the clock with the same hand3    Illegal moves lose.4    If your flag falls the game is lost.  Checkmating material is required in order to claim a win on time.5    Banging or mistreating the clock in any way can result in the loss of the game.6    The Controller/Arbiter can step in to declare a game drawn if no attempt is being made to win by normal means.7    The decision of the arbiter is final.OTHER INFORMATION1    There will be one open section.2    The winner(s) will be declared Coventry & District Chess League Rapidplay Champion(s) 2021.3    There will be no tie break for players on the same score.4    The competition is open to anyone who has played a league, divisional cup or KO cup game in the C&DCL in 2021 or is a member of a competing club.5    Both clocks will be started at the beginning of each round.  If you are not at the board your clock will still be started.ENTRIES TOColin Green    colin284green@gmail.com024 7637 2587I prefer email entries but I will accept telephone entries provided that you speak to me in person.  Please do not leave this until the last minute as I will not guarantee to be at home waiting for your call.Colin Green8th November 2021