2021 Junior Summer Cup - CLOCL

Building on a very successful Spring League with thirty teams across three Divisions, the Joint League is now running a Junior Summer Cup to foster junior chess across the District area. Schools, and junior clubs, are very welcome to enter.

Fixtures will be played every Wednesday, starting on the 23rd June, for roughly 5 weeks, 7pm each week.
The deadline for entries will be Monday 14th June.

This will be a team event; teams will consist of three players. The event is FREE to enter, and will be played (by default) on chess.com, which is also free to use/register. The time control will be 10’+5’’, i.e. each player will have 10 minutes, plus a 5 second increment per move, to play all their moves in. For each fixture, players will play one game as White, and one game as Black.

Entries may be taken on THIS form (https://tinyurl.com/CLJuniorSummerCupEntry), or by emailing the Tournament Controller, Henry Chiu (chunyinhenrychiu@hotmail.co.uk).

Full Rules of the 2021 Junior Summer Cup, may be found here: https://tinyurl.com/CLJuniorSummerCup2021

Note: For Juniors not part of an existing club, parents/guardians may contact the Tournament Controller, (1) to ask a Team Manager to join an existing team, or (2) to explore whether the League may accommodate them, by perhaps co-ordinating/supporting several individuals without a team, to form a new team, or (3) bring together a few friends to play in a team, where appropriate.

Coventry & District Junior Chess

The Coventry & District League encourages junior chess players across the District area, and the Midlands to play chess - from over-the-board league chess with their local club, to our annual rapidplay tournaments, and more recently, online. We encourage juniors to play chess at their own school clubs where possible, and we are keen to assist teachers/schools with this.

Currently, we support junior chess players, schools, and junior clubs, in three ways:
  1. Firstly, we welcome Junior teams, to play in the 2021 Junior Summer Cup, a joint event by the Coventry & District Chess League, and the Leamington & District Chess League. 
  2. Secondly, we circulate weekly-monthly resources/puzzles (and solutions) for Juniors - from absolute beginners to experienced competitive players. For access to these resources, please get in touch. 
  3. Thirdly, we are working with the University of Warwick Chess Association's Outreach Team to develop online training sessions and resources for juniors/ school-level players. To sign up, please email us.
Our Secretary for Junior Chess, Henry, will be more than happy to lean into any new initiatives that local organisers may have, so please do not hesitate to get in touch [email]. 

Details of local junior chess opportunities

Teachers and local organizers in the District Area (based in Coventry, Warwickshire, and the Midlands), who wish to seek support and guidance from the League on building up a chess club, are very welcome to get in touch.

The following clubs, facilitate junior chess in the local area:

Coventry Chess Club

Rugby Chess Club

Kenilworth Chess Club

Nuneaton Chess Club

University of Warwick Chess Association

The following clubs/schools have a specific junior chess offering, fostering chess for under 18s and under 11s:

Rugby Chess Juniors Club., are a junior club associated with Rugby Chess Club, with 20+ members, open to junior chess players, with a range of strengths from beginners to experienced players. Many members also compete in the Megafinal. Contact: Chris, [Email] [Website].

Coventry Juniors, are associated with Coventry Chess Club - keen to welcome new junior players, who would like to play casually, or competitively against other junior teams. Contact: Simon, [Email] [Website]. 

University of Warwick Chess Association - Outreach Team

The University of Warwick have an established Outreach Team since 2016 dedicated to chess outreach. They work in partnership with the University, local clubs, and local schools. The Team are funded to work with Grange Farm Primary (Stivichall, Coventry), and Templars Primary School (Tile Hill, Coventry), alongside other schools and local clubs.

The Outreach Officer, Callum, is currently working with the League's Secretary for Junior Chess on outreach activities and resources. He would be very keen to hear from local schools and clubs, to offer chess support where possible. [Email] [Website]

Coventry Chess Academy, is aimed at players in Years 1-6 at Cheylesmore Community Centre 10-12 on Saturday mornings. This is their website. https://coventrychessacademy.wordpress.com/
More information about the Cheylesmore Community Centre site: http://www.cheylesmorecentre.co.uk

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