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You are ineligible and your team loses the points on your board and on all boards below you if you:
  1. Have played more than three times on Board 1 for a team or different teams in the same or higher divisions
  2. In Division 1 only, have not already played twice before the last two League Championship fixture dates
  3. In a postponed match, played for another team, or were ineligible, on the original fixture date
  4. In the Divisional Cups, have played more than three times on Board 1 in a higher division.
  5. Play as a substitute more than once in a season.
  1. Before play, Captains exchange cards, naming all players expected to turn up, in order of playing strength. A substitute is only allowed as a last minute replacement for a player unexpectedly not present by 7.55pm.
  2. Teams are to keep a constant board order. Movement of players may be deemed to be seeking a tactical advantage.
  3. PENALTIES. Points are lost on all boards on which the team is not in order of playing strength.

There is some grade flexibility. You can play above someone with a current B.C.F grade up to ten higher than you. Over ten, then either your current Coventry League grade, or last year's B.C.F grade, must be higher than players on boards below you.

REMINDER: Matches start at 7.30pm.

  1. All match cards to reach the Records Secretary by Monday following the match. Your grade depends on prompt, accurate returns.
  2. For grading identification purposes provide dates of birth for new players.