Welcome to the Coventry and District Chess League's website!

We welcome players and clubs of all strengths, and have fostered chess across Coventry, Warwickshire, and the Midlands for over a hundred years - celebrating our Centenary in 2019!

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, Coventry & District are proud to run the foremost Online League in the Midlands, with 19 teams across two Divisions. In 2021, the Coventry & District League will be collaborating with the Leamington & District League, to run a joint Online League. Further details, here.

For our regular season, we run our main League Tournament from October to March, with 20+ teams in the area, across three Divisions. This is interspersed by our Divisional Cup, and our Knock-Out Cup and Plates. Each year, we also run an individual Rapidplay Tournament, to complement our standard-play team events!

As ever, we welcome new and local teams to join us, so please do get in touch! Our League Chairman, Colin, and League Secretary, Malcolm, would be delighted to hear from you.

Junior clubs, and local schools interested in any online sessions, access to online resources, support for beginners, and/or competitive games, may get in touch with the League's Secretary for Junior Chess, Henry - who, would be very keen to support you where possible.

Local Clubs:

Coventry Chess Club

Rugby Chess Club

Kenilworth Chess Club

Nuneaton Chess Club

University of Warwick Chess Association

Shirley and Wythall Chess Club

Birmingham University

Sutton Coldfield Chess Club
WebsiteFacebook, Email 

Rugby Juniors and Co.
WebsiteFacebook, Email

Stratford Chess Club
WebsiteFacebook, Email

Coventry University Chess Society

Warwick Alumni Association

King Edward VI Stratford

Newdigate Chess Club

Coventry & District Chess League Links:

The Constitution for the Coventry and District Chess League, may be found here.

Chess-related Links for the CDCL:

English Chess Federation
ECF Grading database
Leamington and District Chess league
Mike Donnelly site (Cov Chess club player)
Warwickshire Chess Association

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